Black and Tan Tubular Disc Rim


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The Ultimate Cyclocross Rim for those on a budget!

The 32mm rim bed radius sets the Black and Tan apart from any other wheel on the market. It used to be you would need to build up layers of glue to smooth out the rim bed and get enough contact with the tire. With the Black and Tan rim profile you have a gluing surface that fits the tire perfectly, holding more secure for the ultimate cyclocross weapon!

With such a large radius on the rim bed, this rim is designed around larger tubular tires. Of course, there's a heavy focus as being an ideal cyclocross wheelset. However, for those riders who have discovered that 30mm tires on the road are super fun, the Black and Tan can also be used as a road and crit rim. 90% of the people who are looking at the Black and Tan will be looking at it for cyclocross, and that is where this rim really shines!

You want to have the advantage of a tubular with the ability to run lower pressures in cyclocross while having a secure edge to edge gluing surface. You would rather ride through that off camber muddy corner than embarrassingly fall down in front of a bunch of your friends (who will absolutely upload the video for all to see). Basically, if you are looking to have the ultimate rim for cyclocross on a budget, then you need this!

Spoke Count

Front Wheel: 
          • 24 spoke front 
Rear Wheel:
          • 28 spoke rear

Rim Type

Alloy Tubular

Wheel Size


Brake Type

Disc Brake

Rim Weight 425 grams
External Width


Rim Bed Radius


Rim Depth