Altamont Alloy Disc Rear Wheel


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Altamont Alloy Disc Rear Wheel
Altamont Alloy Disc Rear Wheel
Altamont Alloy Disc Rear Wheel
Altamont Alloy Disc Rear Wheel
Altamont Alloy Disc Rear Wheel
Altamont Alloy Disc Rear Wheel

Altamont – the wheelset known to ride everywhere through everything!

Bombproof aerodynamic alloy wheel. Snappy and responsive, perfect for fast rides on the road, gravel, and cyclocross. With the wide 20mm internal width, the Altamont is perfectly suited to road rides with 25mm+ tires and even gravel rides with up to 40mm tires. A unique tubeless locking bead shelf helps prevent burping at even the lowest tire pressures, yet can withstand the high pressures of road tires.

Welded and ground seams provides exceptional braking performance. Extra deep anodization hardens and strengthens the rim. The result is a wheelset perfect for training, racing or general performance riding.

Use this on your road, cyclocross, or gravel bike as a great upgrade to the stock wheelset (you know, that heavy, clunky, sluggish wheel) that came on your nice bike. With the super quick 5 degree engagement of the Quest hubs, you’ll feel the wheels responding as soon as you stomp on the pedals.

Being a little more budget friendly than carbon, getting a great upgrade doesn’t have to be something you sell a kidney to achieve!

Aero Pillar Wing 20 spokes compliment the ride as a wheelset that is aero, yet forgiving when riding on choppy chip seal or gravel roads.


You have a nice disc brake bike, but you just can’t get that excited about the wheels on them. “If I had some better shoes, I’d go dancing all the time.”

Transform your ride with a better handling, lighter, more aero option that has no hesitation when it’s time to jump on the pedals. Keep your speed going on those hard efforts with a proper 30mm aero profile.

Multiple spoke counts ensure no matter your riding style or weight, there’s a wheel to suit your needs.

Spoke Count

Front Wheel: 
          • 24 spoke front (for riders 180 pounds and under)
          • 28 spoke front (for riders 180 pounds and above)
Rear Wheel:
          • 28 spoke rear (for riders 180 pounds and under)
          • 32 spoke rear (for riders 180 pounds and above)

Rim Type

Tubeless Ready Alloy Clincher

Wheel Size




Lacing Pattern

2X both sides front
2X both sides rear - 28 Hole
3X both sides rear - 32 Hole

Brake Type

Disc Brake

Hubs Quest Disc Brake Hubs
Spokes Pillar Wing 20
Nipples Pillar DSN double square brass nipple
Wheel Weights

760g front
901g rear

External Width


Internal Width


Rim Depth


What's Included

• Tubeless Rim Tape Installed
• Tubeless Valves Installed (if ordered)
• Quick Release Skewers (if QR end caps ordered)


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