NixFrixShun Speedcoat for Boyd Cycling


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Protect and prolong the life of your hubs while minimizing friction.

In order to ensure the pawls and driver rings are maintained to our strict performance standards, we have teamed up with the high tech industrial lubricant experts at the NixFrixShun (NFS) Speed Shop to develop the perfect grease. Mainly known for chain lube (pretty much the best chain lube you can buy), NFS helped to develop a pawl grease to match the quality of the hub.

NixFrixShun Speed Coat for Boyd Cycling is an ultra-premium, no holds barred, lithium complex GCLB grease with wear, rust, and oxidation inhibitors, designed to meet the technical and physical demands a hub goes through. It is specially formulated and tested to outperform under a broad range of real world conditions, resisting water and corrosion to retain its consistency for greatly extended

Competitive Advantages:

● Certified GCLB grease with Corrosion Protection
● NLGI Grade 2
● Excellent Water Resistance
● Anti-Wear
● Extreme pressure
● Low Washout
● Very Sheer Stable
● It’s RED; red is always faster! (plus it’s a color you can see how much you have applied)

Grease is sold in a 1oz. tube with an applicator tip designed for easy maintenance. Simply clean your pawls and then add the grease to either the pawls or the engagement teeth. The grease will spread through all the teeth through normal riding. A 1oz. tube should be good for 8-10 applications, and with the longevity of the Speed Coat grease this should pretty much be a lifetime supply.