Build Quality

Wheel components are things that CAN make for a good wheel set.
However, making sure the build quality is as high as possible is a final huge step. This is why all of our wheels are 100% hand built in-house in our own wheel building facility in Greenville, SC. To ensure the highest possible quality all tools are calibrated multiple times per day to ensure the highest possible consistency.

Our tension meter calibration jig that we built to ensure all our tension meters are calibrated for every wheel. The spoke in the jig is at 120.2KgF.

Each wheel is properly stress relieved multiple times to make sure it won’t ping and pop on those first few rides, and so it stays in true through the break in period as well. The wheels are built from initial tensioning to final touches by the same wheel builder allowing them to work with each small intricacy that a wheel may have. Finally, all our builders only work on our wheels. They know exactly how each one will build up, down to the point of how many turns to put on a nipple to get initial tension. The industry standard is to use high volume assembly factories where each builder is working on dozens of different brands and expected to build between 40-50 wheels per day. Speed is placed at a premium over quality, and in many cases the first 50-90% of the build process is handled by machine.

By placing such an emphasis on quality, and by building in house, we have many layers of QC that are not found elsewhere.  For you, the customer, it means you can always expect the highest quality wheel to be delivered to you whether it’s a carbon or alloy, January or July.

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