Aero resistance is the primary force we are overcoming at almost all times we are riding.
In part of having the total package, we knew that having the most aerodynamic wheels were going to be a major factor. Wheels are the biggest upgrade a rider can make to their bike. Having a wheel that cuts through the wind more efficiently will maximize that upgrade. Below is a wind tunnel graph from our trip to the A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, NC. The lower the number of grams or drag, the better the wheel will cut through the air. With the advanced aero shapes of our rims, combined with the aero Sapim CX Ray spokes, the Boyd Cycling wheels have aerodynamics comparable or even better to wheels costing 2-3 times as much.


One of the other major benefits of the advanced rim shape is better crosswind stability.
With the smooth transition from tire to rim, and the rounded shape near the spokes, the wind flows over the rim much better in heavy crosswind situations. What happens in crosswinds is that your wheel has two leading edges. On the front of the wheel the tire is still the leading edge, but on the backside of the wheel (behind your fork) the rim becomes the leading edge. Having the air flow smoothly over the rounded edges that both the rim bed and tire provide, the crosswind handling is dramatically improved. This means you can run a deeper wheel and be more aerodynamic, without worrying about fighting the front of your bike on heavy crosswind days.

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