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Despite being a smaller company, the technology in our wheels rivals some of the largest and most advanced wheels on the market. 
We find that we need to punch above our weight class. People love supporting a smaller, family run business, but nobody wants to buy high performance wheels  if it means there's a disadvantage by supporting the little guy. In fact we find that we have to be even better to earn our spot in this industry. If we were "just as good" as an established brand then there's no reason for people to look at our company. To establish ourselves as one of the best wheel companies out there, we know we have to provide better options than what people can already find. Because we are a smaller brand and don't have the overhead costs as a lot of the larger brands (like sponsoring multiple Pro Tour teams) we can bring this tech to the consumer at a much better price. The pricing in place is to support a family, not multiple layers of a large corporation, owned by other corporations.

This is why we have worked so hard in the design of our hubs and rims. Every aspect of our design is highlighted on the left side of this page. We use the best spokes and nipples on the market and hand build all of our wheel sets in our own wheel building facility in Greenville, SC.  


    Boyd Cycling
    115 Welborn St
    Greenville, SC 29601

  • Phone: (864) 501-BOYD (2693)